Why National Pallet Programs?

A well-managed national pallet program translates into control, low costs, safety,
quality performance, security, enhanced management, and optimization.

How the Process Works

We have our process down to a science
to best accommodate optimizing your pallet program.


The IoT-enabled logistics platform for pallets.
Don’t change your workflow.

Turbocharge it.


The IoT-enabled logistics platform for pallets.
Don’t change your workflow.

Turbocharge it.

Our knowledge is your strength.

Pallet Alliance takes a holistic approach to pallet program management that’s far more than just quoting pallet prices. Managing cost drivers like sourcing, design and implementation delivers a comprehensive solution tailored to fit operational requirements. But it doesn’t stop there. IoT-based logistics integrated with pallets, customized reporting, and unmatched expertise drive our ongoing improvement for added value, year after year.

pallet management program

Pallet program management

Optimize national programs with single-source stability and data-driven solutions

iot enabled pallet management

IntelliPallet™ IoT technology

The industry’s first logistics platform integrated with pallets
pallet inventory cost reduction

Regulate cost drivers

Leverage specialized knowledge in material handling, regional lumber markets and pallet design

custom pallet solutions

Tailored solutions

Build a custom solution with materials, sourcing and processes

advanced pallet logistics management

Advanced information services

Boost program value with maximum visibility and minimum overhead

how our pallet management program works

How the process works

Apply extensive experience with a flexible framework designed for ongoing improvement

“In my capacity as a consultant to many different companies within the manufacturing sector, I appreciate the impact Joe Movic and Pallet Alliance have had on their industry, and the improvements their approach can bring to clients’ operations. If your company uses pallets, even if you are happy with your current provider, it would be absolutely worth it to schedule a meeting to discuss their process. I am super impressed by their capabilities.”

– Ted Stewart, Program Development & Compliance Manager at exida LLC

“Pallet Alliance has been great to work with. What sets them apart from other vendors are their quick responses and attention to details in resolving any issues. I look forward to many years together.”

– Brian Gottwald, purchasing assistant, Avery Dennison

“I have been partnering with Pallet Alliance for over 15 years. In all of my years in the industry, Pallet Alliance is the best company I have ever known. Pallet Alliance isn’t just a company but a group of individuals that, from the top down, are filled with integrity, honesty, and sound core values.”

– Jeremy Foutch, president, Sonoma Pacific Company

“Pallet Alliance operates as both a client advocate, suggesting cost saving designs and regularly securing bids from reliable suppliers, and an account manager for pallet companies that service their clients. All the employees we have interacted with over the last two years have a great attitude, are responsive, and are excellent communicators.”

– Brandon Thomas, general manager, East Gate Pallet