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Media Attention

Pallet Alliance has been featured in various publications through the years. See what news networks and industry mainstays have had to say about Pallet Alliance, Inc.

IoT-Enabled Pallets for Tracking Perishable Goods

The August 2021 edition of Food Logistics includes an article from Pallet Alliance principal Michael Jones describing how pallet tracking can help ease the burden of the recent introduction of requirements for refrigerated trucking operators to supply proof of temperature compliance, when requested, on a load-by-load basis. The article also outlines our collaboration with CargoSense, Inc. in delivering a cost-effective, automated pallet tracking solution.

Pallet Central July/August 2021 (p. 15)

Resourceful pallet companies and suppliers seek positive outcomes to challenges impacting the industry. NWPCA members share the measures they are taking with their customers.

Managing Pallet Chaos in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world continues to recover from the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, there are opportunities to change the course of how we work, think, plan, prioritize and deliver value.

Press Release

Pallet Alliance Awarded Patent for the Industry’s First Embedded Tracking Technology for IoT-Enabled Pallets

Prepare Pallet Supply for (More) Disruption

As a pallet buyer, are you ready for all the disruption that could come your way?

Packaging Solutions: Palletizers & Warehousing Equipment

The line of robotic cells by Carter Control Systems (CCS) offers advanced technology for a multitude of product applications and packaging line setups. Food, cosmetics, bottles or boxes are just a few of the items these versatile robots can handle. In addition to our robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions, CCS offers a full range of robotics systems to meet a wide variety of distribution, material handling and manufacturing needs.

The Advantages of a Corporate Pallet Program

Professionally managed pallet programs yield cost savings, transparency and optimization now, while positioning pallet users for the future.

Pallet Enterprise : Markets In Transition: Pallet Tracking: Things to Think about for 2020 and Beyond

Pallet tracking technologies have changed significantly over the last 20 years. Let me take you back to a time when I was still rocking my acid wash jeans and the well-traveled corduroy sports jacket that my wife has long since donated to charity. Radio frequency identification (RFID) was trending, at least in logistics publications and at trade shows.

Pallet Alliance Expands IoT-Enabled Pallet Tracking Capability to Include LoRa® for Lower Cost, Longer Range Data Transmission with Low Power Consumption for Indoor/Outdoor Environments

Collaboration involves Semtech’s leading LoRa devices and IoT integration services from Viaanix to extend Pallet Alliance’s pallet tracking platform.

Pallet Alliance to Exhibit at MODEX 2020

Collaboration involves Semtech’s leading LoRa devices and IoT integration services from Viaanix to extend Pallet Alliance’s pallet tracking platform.

Podcast featuring Pallet Alliance: Pallet Management & Innovation for Industry 4.0

Listen to this “Supply Chain Now Radio” podcast to learn how IntelliPallet™, the industry’s first IoT-based logistics technology for pallets can revolutionize the supply chain.

CalAmp and Pallet Alliance Partner to Provide the Industry’s First IoT-Enabled Pallet System for Greater Supply Chain and Logistics. Visibility

Pallet Alliance, a leading innovator in holistic pallet management programs. This partnership will allow multi-site manufacturing companies to leverage IntelliPalletTM, the industry’s first turnkey, IoT-enabled platform and supply chain managed service integrated with pallets.

Pallet Alliance Wins USG Diversity and Inclusion Supplier of the Year for 2017

USG Corporation, an industry-leading manufacturer of building products and innovative solutions, has awarded Pallet Alliance its Diversity and Inclusion Supplier of the Year award for 2017. This is the first time USG has bestowed such an honor on a strategic partner, and reflects its appreciation of Pallet Alliance’s culture of diversity and inclusion, as well as its focused initiatives.

Pallet Alliance brings pallets into Avery Dennison’s digital supply chain (Editorial page 66)

With the ability to integrate into online procurement and in-house ERP platforms alike, as well as to provide industry-leading dynamic reporting solutions, Pallet Alliance provides standardization, transparency and control.

Modern Materials Handling – Peerless Research Group 2017 survey

A Peerless Research Group survey conducted for MMH’s annual reader survey for 2017 identified Pallet Alliance as the top-ranked management company for custom national pallet programs (see chart toward middle of article).

Pallet Alliance is not your regular pallet company

Since 1995, the Chapel Hill, NC based pallet services and brokerage firm has been building a reputation as an industry leader in the area of national level corporate pallet programs, and simultaneously as a company with a grander vision than most.

“Pallet Alliance takes pallet engineering to an art form. The intricate details of engineering a pallet is laid out and dissected to achieve financial savings and performance in ways not obvious to most companies. Wood Species, board spacing, environment, screw/nail design and weight capacity are all considered in pallet design to bring about optimal performance and cost. Working with Pallet Alliance is an education in pallet design that yields excellent results for your company and your customers. The beauty of their business approach is that they improve your pallets at no cost to your company.”

– Paul Vegliante, executive vice president, AEP Industries

“In our experience, working with Pallet Alliance is vastly different than working with any other pallet management company in the industry. Not only are they a collaborative, well organized and a friendly organization, but their team is incredibly forward thinking and innovative.”

– Brian Schaefer, executive vice president, Troymill Wood Products

“I get quick confirmation emails when I place orders. When I’ve had issues to discuss in the past, Pallet Alliance always had people get to work on the problems very quickly, sometimes more than one person. I’m very happy with the service they provide.”

– Customer Survey

“We’re not in the pallet business, so we appreciate and rely on Pallet Alliance’s expertise.”

– Customer Survey