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Total pallet management eliminates the burden of maintaining your pallets, tracking inventory, repairing broken pallets, transporting pallets to the correct shipping facilities, and the list goes on. The right pallet management program can provide significant benefit for your operation, which is why you should watch for these characteristics of an effective program.

  1. Comprehensive pallet maintenance—You want to recycle your pallets through multiple supply chain cycles, and with this comes regular wear and tear. Your pallet management program should take on the responsibility of maintaining your pallets and ensuring their upkeep.
  2. Inventory upkeep—Your pallet management provider should acquire information on the type, size, quality, and number of pallets needed for optimal facility operation. If your supply of pallets goes down, or more become needed, your pallet management provider should adapt to these changes.
  3. Adequate pallet supply—With the right pallet management program, you should always have a proper number of pallets on hand. This program should also ensure all deliveries get scheduled at times that complement your workflows.
  4. Management across multiple facilities—Your pallet management provider should have the capacity, knowledge, and ability to manage your pallet operations across several locations and facilities, giving you the ability to consolidate your vendors.
  5. Decreased time and energy on managing pallets—With the implementation of a pallet management program, you should be able to reduce the time and energy you used to spend managing your pallets and dedicate it to other tasks.
  6. Reliable communication—Your pallet management provider should be in regular contact with you to provide updates about your pallets, their condition, and your supply. You should also receive prompt responses when you reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for clarification.

6 Elements of an Effective Pallet Management Program [infographic]