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Our pallet management and monitoring programs deliver cutting-edge reporting, analytic, and billing capabilities for optimal visibility and maximum value. From sales performance and savings to operational data, the culmination of our sourcing tools, marketing monitoring & analysis capabilities, and comprehensive reporting tools make us a valuable partner in your logistics supply chain.

Strategic Sourcing Tools

Gain access to a central system that lets you make changes over disparate databases quickly and easily. For example, if you have quarterly reoccurring changes that need to be implemented for hundreds of unique items over multiple databases (and each item needs to be altered depending on the vendor and their location), our reporting tools let you verify all the criteria and confirm that all items match up across each individual database, so you can confidently make changes. Ultimately, our strategic-sourcing tools let you make mass changes and updates in a matter of minutes.

Unparalleled Reporting and Analytical Tools

Automated Market Monitoring & Analysis

With us, you can build automated internal systems that notify your pallet management program managers how much the lumber market has changed between now and when the last price change happened for every item, allowing you to decide when and how to alter prices for customers.

We can also track certain parts of the market based on which region the wood is sourced from and the type of wood. Once weekly reporting is established, this makes a potentially time-consuming, complicated task significantly easier to manage.

Comprehensive, Accessible Reporting

Through our pallet management program, you can create internal Tableau dashboards to monitor the lumber index market. These dashboards can also monitor program spend and let you generate custom internal reports with descriptive statistics for key decision makers within your organization.

Using IntelliPallet and our other customized reporting and monitoring tools, pallet management can become an efficient, streamlined, and value-added process for your organization, allowing you to effectively manage cost drivers like sourcing, design, and implementation. Talk to us about how we can integrate these tools into your organization by contacting us today.