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Custom Pallet Specifications

Improve the way you transport goods.

Today, wooden pallets are an essential element of logistics and product packaging. Pallets facilitate the movement of materials and contribute to an efficient logistics and supply chain operation. At Pallet Alliance, we manufacture custom pallets that can positively impact your entire supply chain, and the first thing we need from you is information about your custom pallet specifications.

Custom Pallet Specifications

Before we can manufacture your pallets, the custom pallet specifications we require include information about your:

  • Unit load size
  • Shipping requirements
  • Handling environment

We will also need you to specify the number of pallets you need and their size, as well as the pallet style you require (block or stringer). We will carefully analyze your maximum load weight for a variety of wood species, your handling and stacking requirements, and your desired durability before designing your new pallets.

Having us manufacture custom pallets for your organization can benefit you in a number of ways. For example, you can improve dimensional accuracy, use pallets engineered for your operation’s exact location, and improve your ability to fill and meet high-volume orders. We’ll deliver the best possible value for your custom pallets by making consistent performance and quality our commitment to you.

Tell us what your custom pallet specifications are, and we will deliver on exactly what you expect. Learn more about our custom pallet manufacturing process and how we can enhance your product supply chain with the right pallets by contacting us today.