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What is a managed pallet program?

A managed program delivers a comprehensive solution that includes lifecycle pallet management, strategic procurement, logistics planning, inventory management, customer support, best practices, industry compliance, quality control, predictive analytics and continuous innovation. Effective pallet management programs offer much more than the pallet.


Will a pallet program add additional cost to my overall pallet spend?

No. A well designed and effectively managed national pallet program will generate immediate savings and a significant reduction in your overall pallet spend. Strategically procuring, designing and managing your national pallet program with one services provider will achieve cost optimization, pallet standardization, safety enhancements and establish best practices.


What is the initial investment for Pallet Alliance to conduct site scans and audits of my current process?

The initial investment is simply to set aside a relatively short amount of time to share information about your current pallet spend. We then conduct onsite visits, at no cost, to obtain a preliminary estimation of how much value can be unlocked. No risk, all reward!


Why should I work with a national pallet management company instead of a direct manufacturer?

Pallet Alliance can procure pallets less expensively based on group purchasing power and market knowledge. We possess the necessary infrastructure, relationships and expertise to assess national markets while delivering localized, custom solutions. The lion’s share of pallet program savings is generated from the value that Pallet Alliance delivers through spend management expertise, custom-built pallet designs that optimize performance and innovative programs that deliver superior results to your company. We take a holistic approach to managing the entire pallet lifecycle and allow pallet manufacturers to focus on what they do best…process lumber and build pallets.


What states can Pallet Alliance service?

We currently have the capacity to service all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. Pallet Alliance maintains solid relationships with 400+ pallet manufacturers across North America. This established network ensures price competitiveness and available supply. Unlike integrated mills that have assets they must employ; we independently pick our production partners to optimize each supply scenario we’re presented. This allows Pallet Alliance to service and accommodate your specific location requirements.


What makes Pallet Alliance different than other pallet management providers?

We have unmatched pallet science experts, skilled IT talent, master program managers and dedicated account customer service professionals. Our core business focuses on providing the industry’s most innovative pallet management solution. Pallet Alliance generates results through proficient pallet sourcing, custom program design, professional pallet management and continuous improvement.


What are the steps to start a pallet program?

Call Pallet Alliance at 919-442-1400 and let one of our experts talk to you about getting started. Our approach is to listen first and understand your business so we can tailor the right solution that aligns with your strategic objectives. The next step is to collect information related to the management of your current pallet spend. We offer a free, on-site audit to key plant locations to accurately assess your operation. The result is a strategic recommendation on how we intend to collaborate with you on rolling out a plan that is tailored for success.


I don’t have detailed pallet specs or a usable purchase history. Can you help me with this?

Yes. A key component of our free on-site audit includes the creation of a personalized record for your entire pallet inventory. We can often piece together your purchase history when we speak with your operators during the visit. The information we compile is discussed and provided to you upon the completion of our audit at no cost.


What kind of reporting options/platforms does Pallet Alliance provide to help me analyze program performance and savings?

Pallet Alliance utilizes Tableau and SAP Business Objects/Crystal Reports to deliver a complete set of custom-built reports to its customers. We also use basic formats such as Excel and CSV. Current offerings run the gamut from interactive, map-based reports and management dashboards to files uploaded directly into customers’ ERP suites.


How can tracking pallets save my company money?

Monitoring your product as it moves through the supply chain allows you optimize everything from inventory levels to freight lanes, safety, security and staff performance, thus protecting your most important assets. When product on a tracked pallet arrives at its destination, it can be automatically received into your ERP/WMS system and viewed from any smart device. Real time tracking of pallets also enables instantaneous access and alerts. A good example is when perishable cargo is being transported or sitting at a site. Temperature and humidity monitoring can have pre-set thresholds that allow you to be proactive before your product is spoiled. You can also derive value from our digital technology solution when tracking items such as pallets of liquor or other high-value cargo. Should product disappear in transit or at the warehouse, you can pinpoint the precise location and protect your investment.