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Unit Load Design

Reduce costs and improve material handling with the right unit load design.

What if we told you that you could reduce product costs, lower packaging costs, improve material handling efficiency, and provide true environmentally sustainability when it comes to your shipments? In any supply chain, the pallet is the link between the other elements of the logistics distribution system, making unit load design a critical component to consider. With the right unit load design, you can drive down product and packaging costs while enhancing efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Unit Load Design

Some of the core principles of an effective unit load design include:

  • Manual handling should be eliminated almost entirely.
  • There should be a minimal number of handlings during the shipment process.
  • All materials should be assembled into efficient unit loads for economy of storage and handling.

If you need advice and guidance on proper unit load design, come and talk to us at Pallet Alliance. We implement comprehensive pallet management programs for our clients, and we can help you refine your unit load design to strengthen your supply chain, drive down costs, and enhance the efficiency of your shipments. We consider a wide range of factors during the unit load design process, such as the material and its characteristics, the starting point and destination, the quantity to be handled and the duration, the environment and storage requirements in route, and more.

Turn to us, and we can help you enhance your supply chain through efficient and effective unit load design. Learn more about this service or our comprehensive approach to pallet management by reaching out to us today.


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