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Corporate Pallet Program

Streamline your supply chain with a corporate pallet program.

Your corporation uses pallets every single day to get products where they need to go. Without pallets going to the right place, your business’ operations falter. But staying on top of your pallets’ locations and making sure all your pallets are in proper condition is a full-time job in and of itself.

Corporate Pallet Program

Hand over this time-consuming task to us at Pallet Alliance by enrolling in our corporate pallet program. We’ll make sure your pallets get sent to the right destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll also track your pallets, so you know where they are at any given moment.

Some of the world’s largest retailers use our corporate pallet program to increase supply chain efficiency and enhance the way they run their business. Through one of our pallet programs, we can manage the handling, processing, return and reporting of all pooled pallets, and we often do this in conjunction with some of our other services.

We have developed IntelliPallet™, an IoT-enabled logistics program just for pallets. This innovative technology delivers comprehensive environmental and location data about individual pallets, from warehouse to manufacturer to end-user location. Whether your goods travel by rail, ocean freight, or truck, this technology lets us know where your pallets are at all times.

Enhance the way your corporation runs by investing in our corporate pallet program. Contact us now to learn more and to find out how we can support your business.