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Pallet Recovery

Recover your pallets and optimize your investment.

After your pallets get used for the first time, they still have a lot of life left in them. Unfortunately, in many businesses, their pallets either get stored, burned, or disposed of after completing their first shipment. Although this may seem like an innocent oversight, not recycling your pallets is a missed opportunity for your business to see significant cost savings.

Pallet Recovery

Participate in our pallet recovery program at Pallet Alliance and cut back on the amount of waste your business creates while also saving money on purchasing new pallets. We oversee this entire process by retrieving your used pallets after they deliver goods and taking them to a recycler for repairs. After this step, we ship them back to their original manufacturer to use within another shipping cycle. This cycle repeats itself until you can no longer use your original pallets.

Our pallet recovery program is just another way we can help you holistically manage your business’ pallets to reduce cost drivers like sourcing, design, and implementation. We apply our extensive experience and knowledge to your particular situation and help you turn your pallets from a huge drain on your costs into an asset optimized for sustained use over time.

If done correctly, pallet recovery can transform an overlooked aspect of your business into a valuable use of existing resources. For more information about how we can help you effectively manage your business’ pallets, contact us today.