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Pallet Sourcing

Source your pallets from reliable places.

When you think about driving down costs within your business’ supply chain, the pallets you use don’t instantly come to mind. But your pallets can contribute heavily to your business’ bottom line, and the way you use and reuse them can help you minimize costs and streamline your supply chain.

Pallet Sourcing

At Pallet Alliance, we can help you with the pallet sourcing process, as well as many other pallet-related initiatives. Pallet sourcing involves figuring out exactly which pallets will be best for your business, finalizing your design, and then sourcing them from a manufacturer that charges a reasonable rate. Proper pallet sourcing can cut down costs from purchasing new pallets and ensure these pallets complement your shipping needs.

Getting to know your business and your product is a big part of the pallet sourcing process. For example, if you need to make heavier shipments, you will need durable wood pallets to support this max load. If you need to ship fragile items, using smooth, plastic pallets may be your best option. Overall, many factors must be considered to determine the best pallets to use to support your supply chain and your business.

Our role in the pallet sourcing process is to understand your shipping requirements, design custom pallets for your organization, and ensure they get delivered to your location for use within the pre-determined timeline. For more information about what pallet sourcing involves and why we are your top source for all things pallets, contact us today.