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Comprehensive location and environmental pallet data at your fingertips.

At Pallet Alliance, we are proponents of effective pallet management to streamline supply chains, increase efficiency, and lower costs related to shipping using pallets. For this reason, we developed IntelliPallet, an innovative, patented technology designed to provide comprehensive environmental and location data about pallets. Whether you ship goods by truck, rail, or ocean freight, you can acquire data for every individual pallet used by your operation by implementing this technology.


Before IntelliPallet, you were stuck using expensive software or had to alter your operation’s entire workflow to get the data you needed on your pallets. With this platform, you can integrate it with your existing pallet system, so you don’t need to alter your equipment or material handling practices. This system is virtually undetectable, so you can continue to stack and load your pallets just like usual.

How does this platform work? Our IntelliPallet platform provides IoT connectivity through the leading telematics provider CargoSense®. Using CargoSense’s Control Tower dashboard, you can acquire customizable data to efficiently and securely track your shipments. You can easily track your individual pallets by stationary time, arrival and departure from designated hubs, entry and exit from a geo-fenced area, and in-transit location.

With IntelliPallet, there’s no need to convert your operation’s entire workflow to costly engineered pallets or convert to costly individual carton tracking tags. Learn more about our platform and why it’s the answer to your logistic needs by getting in touch with us today.