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At Pallet Alliance, our main product is optimal performance.

The pallet and packaging world can be quite complicated, with suppliers of each product proposing different cost-out maneuvers. These efforts, each launched in a vacuum with no regard for the others, can eventually leave you with cheap products that can’t work together to achieve the required results. It is rare for a buyer, and even for a packaging engineer, to have the broad expertise needed to optimize the unit load, understand how best to establish sourcing, and manage a multi-faceted program.

Our pallet program contains all of the traditional products you are used to being offered, and more, but in an optimized package to ensure that each piece is tailored to its role, providing maximum overall performance at minimal overall cost. Our collaborative process yields an intelligent, data-driven solution by establishing benchmarks for current products and performance. We then use our industry-leading expertise and a scientific approach to identify cost drivers, optimize the individual components as a system, and provide you with products that are specifically designed to work together. We navigate the process for you to determine what the best platform is to move your goods efficiently and safely, at the best price. As a purchaser, you should settle for nothing less.

What packaging problems are you having? We would love to hear about it and offer our industry-leading expertise and solutions – solutions@tpai.com

New Manufactured Pallets

New Manufactured Pallets

Pallet Alliance supplies pallets of all sizes. Our experts can design and deliver a pallet specifically for your product, packaging and material handling systems. Species, cuts, size, nail type, 2 or 4 way, HT or domestic are all factors to consider.

Recycled Pallets

Pallet Alliance provides a variety of recycled pallet options including recovered pallets, combo pallets containing a mixture of new and recycled lumber, and remanufactured pallets which are made to specification entirely out of recycled materials. In many situations, these pallets drive significant savings as part of a well-managed pallet program.

Plastic Pallets

Although typically more expensive than wooden pallets, plastic pallets may be the ideal platform when it is essential the pallet be non-absorbent, mold-free, export-ready, exhibit extreme dimensional stability, participate in certain closed loops, or be easy to clean.


Some unit loads require the complete protection provided by crates. We can deliver crates designed to provide the exact protection your product needs.

Lumber, Cut Stock and Dunnage

Pallet Alliance provides a variety of raw materials including cut stock, dunnage, and lumber in a variety of cuts and species.


Need fasteners in bulk? We can help you determine the correct nails for your application and deliver them to you. Selecting the right nail, even if more expensive per nail, will often lead to fewer nails required and an overall lower cost. Also, fewer nails driven means less time to build!

Plywood and OSB

We can provide standard or custom-size plywood in various thicknesses with expert recommendations as to which is best for your application.

IntelliPallet or IntelliCrate


Our patented technology integrates IOT connectivity with wooden pallets and crates to capture and deliver data such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, impact, motion, light, and location.