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Pallet Alliance is dedicated to providing end-to-end, national pallet programs that put purchasing professionals in control and balance cost, safety and performance. Consult the resources below to learn more about efficient, cost-saving national pallet programs.

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Discover how Pallet Alliance is transforming the way companies source, build, and use pallets as part of their supply chain.

USG case study

USG case study

When United States Gypsum Corporation’s pallet problems threatened to disrupt business, they turned to Pallet Alliance for a new design that brought increased strength and saved approximately $1 million per year.


Sherwin-Williams case study

Sherwin-Williams worked with Pallet Alliance to integrate their pallet program with a newly acquired ERP platform, resulting in a greater ROI and gains in accuracy and efficiency.


RFP pros and cons

The request for proposal process is a well-established method with clear benefits for the purchaser. However, getting a complete picture of a market in constant flux requires taking RFPs to a higher level of detail.

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Why a national program

Strategic corporate purchasers require efficient, effective navigation of markets to bring sustained, high value at fair cost. A national program can help navigate the intricacies of a fragmented pallet market to establish control and optimize design, safety, performance and cost.

man securing pallets onto a truck


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

“Pallet Alliance takes pallet engineering to an art form. The intricate details of engineering a pallet is laid out and dissected to achieve financial savings and performance in ways not obvious to most companies. Wood Species, board spacing, environment, screw/nail design and weight capacity are all considered in pallet design to bring about optimal performance and cost. Working with Pallet Alliance is an education in pallet design that yields excellent results for your company and your customers. The beauty of their business approach is that they improve your pallets at no cost to your company.”

– Paul Vegliante, executive vice president, AEP Industries

“In our experience, working with Pallet Alliance is vastly different than working with any other pallet management company in the industry. Not only are they a collaborative, well organized and a friendly organization, but their team is incredibly forward thinking and innovative.”

– Brian Schaefer, executive vice president, Troymill Wood Products

“I get quick confirmation emails when I place orders. When I’ve had issues to discuss in the past, Pallet Alliance always had people get to work on the problems very quickly, sometimes more than one person. I’m very happy with the service they provide.”

– Customer Survey

“We’re not in the pallet business, so we appreciate and rely on Pallet Alliance’s expertise.”

– Customer Survey