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Why national pallet programs?

Corporate purchasers are stretched ever thinner, pushed to manage multiple commodities and suppliers simultaneously. Delivering the best results and most knowledgeable insights across all products requires navigating ever-changing markets efficiently and effectively. But how does this translate to getting the most from their pallet program?

Well-managed national pallet programs provide a level of product and market expertise capable of turning fragmented, fluctuating markets into opportunities. By setting forth parameters that optimize design, performance, safety and cost, national programs provide the transparency and control that strategic purchasers value.


For multi-site enterprises, the variable equipment, products and culture at each location make it difficult to benchmark rationale and implementation of pallet program decisions. National programs address this variability with defined parameters and a flexible framework, developed to accommodate unique operational requirements while providing a consistent process for well-informed, strategic decisions.

Low Cost

Cost reduction starts out simple – identify the cost drivers. Building off of this insight, custom solutions can provide holistic, company-wide management of supply chain, process, design and sourcing to prioritize value and keep costs under control.


National programs provide a standardized design approach that ensures safety through consistency. This framework allows unit loads to be customized based on product and handling environment, preserving a high level of safety even as other variables change.

Quality Performance

Strict adherence to well-developed design parameters avoids unexpected costs that can derail operations, such as machine-malfunction, product damage and customer dissatisfaction. The standardization of a national program ensures a reliable, high level of pallet performance that keeps total costs in check.


Unforeseen crises are a part of life, and businesses must be able to adapt. For pallet programs, this means having contingency plans, consistent documented parameters and detailed specifications to enable re-sourcing if needed. A national pallet program provides insulation from unplanned incidents, with thorough knowledge of alternative vendors to effectively navigate through challenging situations.

Enhanced Management

Holistic national programs provide high ground level presence with industry experts and in-touch management to enable increased productivity and cost efficiency. This means handling price shifts in fluid markets, continually evaluating new enterprise-wide opportunities and performing recurring vendor assessment audits.


Effective program management balances local and regional considerations with corporate needs to optimize processes for the entire company. Timely information allows operations to continuously improve programs to match market realities, while maintaining continuity thanks to a well-defined framework.