Tailored solutions

The Pallet Alliance brings a specialized, pallet-centric perspective to evaluate current operations and tailor a comprehensive solution to meet site and enterprise-level goals. At the start of an engagement, a complimentary site scan reaches beyond the scope of a typical RFP process. It introduces a foundation that informs custom pallet design, closed loop systems, recycling initiatives, remanufacturing and other potential program components.

Custom pallet designs

The best pallets combine the correct wood species, sourcing, footprint and fasteners to optimize durability and avoid damage to products and auxiliary components. The Pallet Alliance employs a true understanding of the science behind pallet design software and unit-load analysis. This knowledge produces a tailored, expert recommendation based on regional raw materials, site requirements and best-available manufacturing capabilities. The result is a custom pallet solution designed with everything the operation needs without unnecessary extras, striking the optimal balance between price, performance and safety.

Transparent, efficient closed-loop systems

The Pallet Alliance designs and administers sort and repair systems to recover pallets for use in upstream and downstream distribution processes. These programs ensure the highest level of pallet quality and maximum useful life. Clear, detailed reporting keeps customers informed of pallet location and pricing to monitor the performance of closed-loop systems. Extensive experience with such programs enables efficient management of pallet repair ratios to keep costs in check and maintain availability.

Remanufacture, recover and reuse

The lifecycle approach to pallet program management also includes pallet recycling and remanufacturing to work with supply chain integration initiatives. This generates value without sacrificing quality, as specialized knowledge of wood stock, design requirements and manufacturer capability means remanufactured solutions built to a high tolerance.

Inventory management tools

The Pallet Alliance provides Kanban system management, with recommended pallet inventories to minimize overstock yet insulate against insufficient supply and seasonal demand. This equips customers with a structure and checking mechanism to help maintain a firm grip on inventory status and protect against risk. Inventory management also helps streamline replenishment, with custom FTL ordering templates for a fast, user-friendly process.

Consultative approach for optimal systems-based design

Pallet costs are driven by the environments in which they work, not just the pallets themselves. Racks, conveyors, palletizers and other equipment influence pallet design, construction and performance. A holistic, system-level view ensures the most cost-effective modifications to both the facility’s operational equipment and pallets. This process is more efficient and produces superior results compared to adjusting each in isolation and burdening operations with inflated ongoing costs.