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Pallet Alliance offers an innovative suite of services that are custom-designed to optimize your supply chain management, logistics and pallet programs. Our portfolio of services as well as our digital IoT technology platform (“IntelliPallet™️”) were developed to meet the increasingly complex global supply chain challenges facing many organizations today. Pallet Alliance offers a free on-site audit of your entire pallet program along with strategies for maximizing business performance. For more information, contact us at www.tpai.com or call 919.442.1400 for a free consultation.

Pallet Managemement

Pallet program management

Optimize national pallet programs with a single-source, end-to-end provider whose proven stability and data-driven solutions effectively control the cost of palletization

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IntelliPallet™ IoT technology

The industry’s first digital technology platform for pallets designed for real-time tracking and tracing to address cold chain processes, shrinkage and loss, safety and inventory controls

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Regulate cost drivers

Leverage specialized knowledge in material handling, packaging, regional lumber markets and pallet design while reducing exposure and liability to supply chain disruptions and rapid price fluctuations

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Tailored solutions

Custom pallet solutions that leverage expert guidance in key areas related to materials, packaging, sourcing, design and process improvement

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Advanced analytics & reporting

Boost program value with maximum visibility and transparency, while leveraging the IT staff at Pallet Alliance to reduce overhead costs

How the process works

How the process works

Pallet expertise and design applied to create a flexible framework for ongoing improvement of your pallet program

How the process works


Supporting products and raw materials designed, tested and certified to integrate seamlessly into your operation