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Advanced reporting and IoT information services

Pallet Alliance offers cutting edge reporting, analytic and billing capabilities. The combination delivers optimal visibility and maximum value from pallet programs. Remote connectivity and customized reporting enables the right audience to access the right information, from sales performance and savings to operational data.

Pallet Alliance has also developed IntelliPallet, the industry’s first IoT-based logistics technology platform integrated with wood pallets. The IntelliPallet platform delivers detailed information about location, temperature, humidity data, and more – down to the individual pallet.

A dedicated Pallet Alliance web portal provides 24/7 access to Crystal and SAP reports, complete with live data. Customers can utilize multilevel reporting views from company totals down to individual sites, and filter by specific date ranges, items and sites. Powerful technology enables analytics that surpass basic spreadsheet capabilities and facilitates efficient electronic document management.

  • Consolidated billing enables the most efficient management of multi-site programs
  • Fully customizable invoice and delivery documentation streamlines the billing process
  • Customized reports by Pallet Alliance meet corporate and site-specific needs
  • Automated email alerts keep designated customer points of contact up-to-date
  • Full EDI capabilities work seamlessly with online procurement platforms like Ariba and Tungsten, and integrating with ERP systems and banking services

Pallet Alliance implemented QR code-based delivery and billing documentation to facilitate automated processing by the customer’s ERP platform, eliminating errors associated with manual entry and saving time and resources for a Fortune 500 company.