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The process

Pallet Alliance does more than just show up and quote pallets.

Pallet Alliance adheres to a proven process grounded in material handling and procurement best practices. This delivers the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of each customer and individual site.

The first step lays the foundation for a smart, data-driven solution by establishing benchmarks for volume, product, price, use, and logistics requirements. Combined with plant-by-plant environmental scans, this data informs the development of the solution framework.

After controlled trials to gauge the effectiveness of recommended changes, the solution is implemented. A typical Pallet Alliance implementation includes depleting old inventory, planning and executing process changeover and expanding the program.

Expansion begins an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement, translating lessons learned to new sites, and modifying pallet designs and ancillary processes.

Optimized processes and long-term partnerships yield solutions managed with the same care and commitment as internal purchasing and operations personnel.

Pallet Alliance team leverages more than 100 years of combined industry experience, retaining customers for a decade or more on average.