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The IoT-enabled logistics platform for wooden pallets.
Don’t change your workflow.

Turbocharge it.

Don’t change your workflow—turbocharge it.

Introducing IntelliPallet™ IoT-enabled logistics platform for wooden pallets.

Pallet Alliance has developed IntelliPallet™. This patent pending technology is the industry’s first IoT logistics and tracking platform for wooden pallets that delivers comprehensive location and environmental data down to the individual pallet – from manufacturer to warehouse to end-user location – whether it travels by truck, rail, or ocean freight.


IntelliPallet™ from Pallet Alliance

The industry’s first IoT-based logistics system for wood and plastic pallets.


Keep your wooden pallets. Turbocharge your logistics capabilities.

Wooden pallets are more economical, sustainable, and easily customized than plastic or composite pallets, but if you needed robust tracking data for your pallets you were stuck with expensive, unreliable add-ons — or you had to change your entire workflow.

The IntelliPallet platform is integrated with your existing wooden pallet system, so there’s no need to change material handling practices or equipment. Your pallets stack and load just like always, they’re still repairable and recyclable, and the IntelliPallet system is virtually undetectable.

How does it work?

The IntelliPallet platform uses a range of advanced technologies to deliver end-to-end IoT connectivity, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices from leading telematics provider CalAmp, and AT&T mobile connectivity services to provide a comprehensive range of pallet tracking options designed for your unique requirements. Seamlessly integrated with existing wooden pallets, the devices communicate through the CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC)™ information dashboard to deliver customizable data to enable secure and efficient tracking of shipments.

Track location and transit down to the individual pallet

The IntelliPallet platform is customizable and can track individual pallets by:

  • Entry/exit from a geo-fenced area,
  • In-transit location reporting
  • Stationary time
  • Arrival/departure from designated hubs

Comprehensive environmental monitoring by individual pallet

The IntelliPallet platform monitors a host of environmental parameters, including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity, barometric pressure
  • Impact/motion
  • Light

Settings can be configured to assist in cold chain monitoring, theft detection/chain of custody, spoilage prevention, inventory velocity through the supply chain, and more.

Proven durability and performance.

The IntelliPallet platform technology has been extensively tested in both the laboratory and the field, including multiple trips through recycling loops and deliveries spanning from Nova Scotia to Hawaii and back. Its durability has been proven through hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world use, moving through harsh manufacturing and distribution environments and palletizing equipment, living on racks, and spending months behind stores and on pallet yards before returning to circulation.

IntelliPallet platform pallets can be configured to meet a nearly endless array of requirements, from continuous streaming of all parameters to reporting cycles that extend battery life beyond three years. And they can be processed and returned to use by virtually any current third-party pallet operation, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of your operations.


The IntelliPallet platform delivers comprehensive, customizable location tracking and environmental monitoring capabilities to wood pallets. Our integrated approach is far more robust and rugged than “bolt on” technologies. And, the ability to track at the pallet level reduces the reliance on expensive individual carton tracking tags.

Because it eliminates the need to convert your entire workflow to costly engineered pallets, the IntelliPallet platform is the most cost-effective answer to your logistics needs.

Pallet Alliance will travel to your location at no cost, spend an hour with your team and deliver a custom proposal in a week. Completely free, with no obligation.

IntelliPallet™ is the industry’s first IoT-enabled logistics platform to be integrated with wooden pallets, providing companies with a range of pallet tracking options that deliver precise in-transit data for point-to-point traceability and monitoring for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail distribution points, and shipping routes, using existing wooden pallets.

With the ability to integrate with wooden pallets, the IntelliPallet™ technology platform eliminates the need to convert to engineered pallet materials. Wooden pallets are more economical and sustainable than engineered alternatives, and can be easily configured for specific requirements.

The IntelliPallet platform employs a range of advanced technologies to deliver end-to-end IoT connectivity to provide a comprehensive range of pallet tracking options designed for each customer’s unique requirements, seamlessly integrated into existing wooden pallets.