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Pallet program management

With decades in the supply chain trenches, Pallet Alliance knows the pressure facing corporations to do more with less. Ambitious performance benchmarks, coupled with tight cost controls, push purchasers to squeeze every ounce of efficiency from operations – including pallets.

A successfully managed pallet program balances performance, safety, and cost.

The right single-source procurement formula provides coherence and stability in an often fragmented, inconsistent market. Pallet Alliance brings a big-picture, collaborative mindset with extensive knowledge of pallets and material handling operations to build comprehensive programs and forge long-lasting partnerships.

A network that works

All pallet management companies have a large network of manufacturers. What sets apart the best is how they leverage those relationships to produce maximum value.

Pallet Alliance relies on a network defined by quantity and quality, with long-term, trusted partnerships that span the country. Customers benefit from a deep knowledge of supplier capabilities and raw material markets that yield the most competitive pricing, highest quality and consistent supply—even in challenging market conditions.

Gather the data you need

Pallet Alliance has developed IntelliPallet, the industry’s first IoT-based logistics platform integrated with wooden pallets. IntelliPallet technology enables you to track cargo by individual pallet when it departs, while it travels, and when it arrives. The ability to capture data such as location, temperature, humidity, light exposure, and more helps companies add accountability, prevent theft, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Personalized support brings ongoing value

Pallet Alliance believes that a deep understanding of each customer’s operations is the foundation of a successful pallet program. A personalized pallet management approach skips the call center in favor of a dedicated customer service specialist for faster response, and a more sophisticated level of support. Program development specialists routinely visit customer and vendor sites to ensure quality production, monitor pallet performance, and provide consultation to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Control costs without compromising performance

Firsthand experience in warehouses and manufacturing facilities enhances the ability to identify and control key cost drivers of pallet programs. Custom solutions from Pallet Alliance leverage the power of standardization by coordinating between sites, and the utilization of regional material sources reduces cost without compromising quality. Pallet Alliance’s big-picture mindset also considers factors beyond the pallet, from updating plant machinery and optimizing internal processes, to covering all failure points and reducing long-term total financial outlay.

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Pallet Alliance uses a holistic approach to pallet program management helping you effectively manage cost drivers like sourcing, design and implementation.

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Pallet Alliance delivered $1.65 million in annual savings for a building materials company by creating a pallet solution that optimized source, design and pricing across plants nationwide. A year later, the company saved an additional $1.2 million.

Pallet Alliance pioneered and implemented the first truly single-source national pallet programs.

Pallet Alliance implemented an international pallet program for 40 plants across the U.S. and Canada in 110 days, driving $250,000 in annual savings for a chemical company.