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Cost management

The scope of a comprehensive pallet program extends far beyond simply quoting pallets. A robust program optimizes cost and performance with a specialized knowledge of material handling, purchasing, pallet design, regional lumber markets and logistics.

Sophisticated indexing, expert spending management

Pallet Alliance continuously analyzes lumber markets and manufacturer capabilities to anticipate and prepare for market shifts. Advanced indexing reflects the multifaceted nature of pallet pricing, as updates indicate the value of components as a fraction of the overall pallet cost, rather than sweeping markups.

  • Customized price indexes account for volatility of local markets and corporate purchasing parameters for each site
  • Unmatched vendor relationships in the U.S. and Canada, combined with large, nationwide pallet purchases spread over an extensive customer base ensures best-available pricing

Strategic RFP process

Pallet Alliance drives a methodical, strategic and vendor-neutral process that sources the ideal manufacturing partner based on lumber market and supplier capacity for optimal value.

  • Selection process considers myriad factors, including wood cut, pallet design and timing
  • Freight lane considerations expand geographic sourcing footprint without accruing excess transportation costs
  • Relationships with pallet manufacturers enable opportunistic sourcing in the event of unanticipated capacity or sparse lumber markets

Continuous improvement

Pallet Alliance forges collaborative partnerships based on a philosophy of continuous improvement with effective, proactive communication at all levels to cover all failure points. Through regular site visits, Pallet Alliance representatives gain the familiarity necessary to provide industry-leading support and recommend enhancements to pallet designs and processes. Our IntelliPallet logistics platform provides actionable data to spot inefficiencies and mitigate risks. Changes in lumber markets, customer products, and processes regularly present opportunities to enhance existing solutions with greater value.

Pallet Alliance never stops looking for improvements.

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Pallet Alliance uses a holistic approach to pallet program management helping you effectively manage cost drivers like sourcing, design and implementation.

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Pallet Alliance delivered up to $4 million in annual savings for a Fortune 500 company by developing new vendor initiatives.

Pallet Alliance saved a global leader in labeling and packaging materials $375,000 over a 12-month period by developing and managing cost savings projects.

By redesigning pallet program standards and consulting on machine modifications, Pallet Alliance created solutions that delivered over 7.5 percent in annual savings for a Fortune 500 customer. These solutions continue to drive an average of $200,000 in cost reductions annually.