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Great customer service. We’ve had nothing but a great experience with Derek & Chandler for the last few months. We are really looking forward to continuing our pallet business with Pallet Alliance.
Thank you for all that you do for us.

- The Pallet Guys

Nice quality wood and banded together.

- Cheryl W.

All of my experiences with Pallet Alliance have been great.

- Deb A.

Joe Movic is a real pro at his job. Open, honest, very helpful and knowledgeable about his craft. A real wood whisperer he is.

- Ahmad M.

Helpful people on staff. They will help you resolve any problems with deliveries.

- Kim P.

Great customer service and swift turnaround times for delivery.

- Brandi L.

Quick turnaround. Great customer service. Their innovative and cost-efficient designs allowed my employer to greatly reduce our annual spend on pallets and packaging.

- Wanda S.

I have dealt with Pallet Alliance as a supplier since about 2001. They are well-organized, and we have always managed to make things work since we have to be one of their longest-distance suppliers out here in British Columbia, Canada.

- Doug H.

Great communication with customer service. They always email pick-up requests at a decent time of the day.

- Kassandra R.

Friendly, quick service.

- Kelly B.

They have been very responsive and timely with the pick-ups.

- Henric N.

Very fast response time and professionalism.

- Daniel R.

Great company. Jimmy, Susan, Tammy, and everyone else is willing to work with you. I’ve been doing business with them for about 4 years now.

- Dante B.

Amazing staff to work with. Derek, Jimmy, and Joe are very efficient and offer excellent customer service. Great company to do business with. Overall It has been a pleasure to work with them. Very professional and courteous.

- BREN22104

They are very friendly and provide help right away if needed.

- Lorna S.

Great customer service. Prompt service.

- Teresa C.

We appreciate the customer service that we receive from Pallet Alliance. Susan and Joe (along with all employees on your team) are excellent and more than helpful to work with. We appreciate the honesty and loyalty that your company still values.

- Michelle B.